At Lee's Learners fully independent driving school, we feel our customers are our best recommendations. We have already helped dozens of people in the Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas to pass their driving tests and below are some of the reviews they have given us.

(The reviews are published unedited and express the views of the customer)

"Lee is an absolutely fantastic driving instructor. He isn’t just a skilled teacher he is also a warm, friendly and genuine person. He was patient, understanding and it’s clear he really cares about his job. His aim is not to make money by teaching as many students as possible and putting them in for their test when they’re only just ready. His aim is to teach students the importance of safety on the road, inspiring calm, confident and sensible drivers. It’s only been a week and a half since I passed my test but I hear Lee’s voice as I drive, reminding me to check my side mirrors for cyclists, to slow down when coming to blind corner’s imagining that there may be a car coming and to always have a plan before I start any manoeuvre. I imagine in time this will fade but I doubt I will ever forget his dedicated and enthusiastic teaching."


"I initially went with lees learners because of his flexibility to teach me at weekends but wow what a find. After two test failures with another school my confidence was shot and wasn't thinking about another test. Straight away from day 1 lee relaxed me, made me overcome my nerves and in no time at all i was really looking forward to the lessons. I had a few wobbles along the way which lee dealt with in a calm, reassuring manner. After a short while he convinced me to book my test, even though i was dreading it and i managed to pass with flying colours. Cheers mate, look forward to doing the motorway driving with you."



"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Lee and his teaching abilities. I was super nervous and he knew I was just from speaking on the phone! Oops. I gradually got into it and it really helped that when I did do something well he did praise me for it and that would give me more confidence I passed second time round in just 6 months! He was really flexible with times and always had a slot available for me when I needed it!
Thanks muchly Lee hope you’re doing well!"


"Lee is an excellent driving instructor and great person. I never thought i would pass my driving test first time but I did thanks to his great teaching! It was also nice to be given tips on how to save money when learning to drive (e.g.: finding resources online). Also, if we ever finished even just 5min early, those 5min would be added on to the next lesson!
I know I am a safe and skilled driver thanks to Lee and I am therefore recommending him to all of my friends in the area who are thinking of learning to drive!"


"I would happily recommend Lee to anyone wanting to learn to drive, I was an extremely nervous driver and he really put me at ease and he did such a good job I passed this week, first attempt with only two minors!!! Yay thanks Lee!!! You’re the best x"


"Lee was a great instructor, I started off pretty nervous but that soon wasn’t the case, he helped me gain my confidence and helped me gain my driving skills and all thanks to him I passed 1st time! He’s very patient and helps you through tricky manoeuvres etc. Lee is very easy to get along with too, which definitely helps!
I will not hesitate to recommend Lee in the future to friends & family who are looking for a driving instructor.
Many thanks for all your help and keep up all the great work!"


"By far the best instructor I’ve ever had! Lee is very professional, an excellent teacher, very easy to get on with and really good in everything he does! I’m so pleased I made the choice to go with lee, I was a very nervous driver, I never thought in a million years I’d pass first time, I would recommend lee 100% to anyone, if I can pass first time anyone can thank u lee you were fab!!!! x"


"Lee was a absolutely fantastic instructor. He took me from being a nervous 17 year old to passing my test first time, all in about 6 months! He was so supportive in everything from confidence issues, to being there whenever I wanted for silly questions about theory. I was very aware that Lee wanted me to get the most out of my money, and I never felt that I was paying for any unnecessary lessons. Lee was incredibly flexible with lesson timings, and would always work something out around my college timetable. Lee always managed to stay calm and enthusiastic, no matter how many times I made the same stupid mistakes. He has taught me to become a confident and relaxed driver, and be full of good habits, which hopefully I will keep! You could not learn to drive with a better instructor. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone, you would be missing out if you chose not to learn with Lee! Thank you for everything Lee!"


"Lee is brilliant instructor and has helped me so much. Having failed twice mainly for being such a nervous driver, Lee knew exactly what to say to make me calm down and think about what I needed to do. Really encouraging and reassuring, and so committed he even reorganised moving house because it clashed with my test. I want to a massive thank you to Lee for making sure I passed today!"


"I passed my test first time thanks to Lee, he’s a fantastic instructor who always made the lessons feel so relaxed and enjoyable. He made me feel so confident throughout my time with him that I cant wait to get out there and drive for myself. I would 100% recommend him to anyone at any age or standard. I feel that I’ve achieved so much and its all thanks to Lee."



"Lee is a wonderful is instructor who I would recommend to any one! I have lacked confidence throughout my driving lessons and needed a lot of reassurance however Lee has managed this brilliantly, always being encouraging and clearly explaining things to me in a calm way. Lee has taught me to believe more in myself, stop panicking and start to become a more confident, and most importantly , safe driver. Thanks to his patience (which he needed a lot of with me!)I passed first time. Thank you so much!"

Emma x


"Lee was an amazing instructor. He is very professional and honest guy. I had a lot of confidence issues and hesitated quiet a lot but lee was amazing at reassuring me and also helped build my confidence. he was always on hand when ever you had an issue with driving or even studying for your theory test. He insured that you understood everything even if he had to repeat him self more then once. And best of all he taught me at my own pace never slowed me down or rushed me.His lessons wont boring and I looked forward to all my lessons with him. thanks to him I passed first time with only 2 driver faults. I 100% recommend him.

thank you lee"


"I have recently passed my practical driving test. I managed to pass it the first time round, but this would not have been possible without Lee. He is a great driving instructor who makes you feel at ease and confident in the car, while making the learning process very easy and enjoyable. He is very flexible as he was able to work around my very busy Uni schedule, enabling me to complete my license in a little more than half a year. Lee was recommended to me by a friend and I would definitely recommend him to anyone! I can honestly say that I will miss having him in the car with me.

Thanks again for everything! All that hard work paid off!"



"Lee is a great teacher; personable, calm, professional and a genuinely nice guy. I had put off learning to drive for 12 years but having read the testimonials on here, decided to give Lee a try and I was not disappointed! I was anxious at first but Lee put me at ease instantly and taught me to become a safe and confident driver. He is patient and really good company on lessons. I would definitely recommend anyone to have lessons with Lee. I passed first time down to Lee’s fantastic teaching and confidence in me.
Thank you Lee!"


"A fantastic instructor . I was terrified of learning to drive Lee put me a ease straight away. Lee is very kind patient and caring he has never let me down . He is a fantastic instructor he helped me through my theory which I passed first time . And first time on my praticial test with only two minor Faults . I recommend Lee to anyone he is by far the best instructor ever. Many thanks"

Lisa x


"I had a really good experience with Lee. Before I started I was very scared to drive but he was able to make me feel very comfortable and confident in only a few lessons! He was very good at making sure of this and never forced me to do something I wasn’t comfortable with ,like going at a high speed, but he was able at the same time to push me forward in the learning process."


"Lee was a brilliant teacher. I was really nervous when i started learning but he was really patient and made me feel as at ease as he could. He has a good teaching method which clearly works and the lessons moved at the pace they needed to for me. He was always constructive and honest with his feedback and I never felt under pressure. On top of the great instructing Lee’s good fun and easy to get along with. I really enjoyed my lessons. I’d definatly recommened him to anyone!"


"Lee is a great driving instructor, he gives clear instructions and makes sure you feel confident in everything you are doing before moving on to the next thing. He teaches you over all the test routes so there are no surprises in the test, you know exactly what to expect. I would highly recommend Lee to everyone learning to drive, he’s an excellent teacher and I managed to pass with no faults at all!"


"I had already spent a bit of time driving before any of my lessons, but Lee was extremely helpful to me by focusing on things that I wasn’t so sure about, and was also happy to answer any questions that I had (no matter how many times I’d asked them!). I didn’t feel at all under pressure to get things right when learning something new, and also felt that the lessons moved along at a pace I was comfortable with so that I was really able to make the most of them!

I managed to pass first time (thank you, Lee!) and will definitely be recommending him to any driver-to-be I can find!"



"Well Lee what can I say! You are such an amazing teacher. He had full confidence in me and explains things so clearly. I had a major worry about the clutch and being able to control it etc and within 1/2 lessons he had made me conquer my fear! To top it off he is such a nice bloke and very calm, patient and honest. Very highly recommended. I passed first time. Thanks again Lee for all your help and support."



"I have just passed my driving test and whilst i am so pleased i can honestly say that i am going to miss Lee. Not only is Lee a fab teacher, he is encouraging, friendly, reliable and always on call if you have a sudden last minute question. I started off as a nervous wreck in the car and now really enjoy driving, i was not a particularly fast learner but Lee was patient and never made me feel like i should have progressed faster. Not only would i recommend Lee i would go as far as to urge you to look at no further in your search for a driving teacher Lee is your man! Thank you Lee x"


"Lee was (well, ‘is’.. only passed today!) a brilliant driving instructor. What I found most impressive was not only the way he was able to pick out the smallest of issues but also to understand/discuss why it happened so the issue was clarified. He also teaches you how to drive AND how to pass the exam (sounds silly but not always the same); I was having issues about finding the balance between ‘caution’ and ‘hesitation’, so he said on test err on the side of caution and, if so the worst case scenario really is a couple of minors for hesitation, which is exactly what happened!
Always a really nice guy; more than happy to chat but not if it’s too distracting or personal and he could have taken me for more lesson (and therefore money for him) than necessary because I’d had lessons and tests before but was refreshingly honest in saying I didn’t need them (which turned out to be true because I only took one test with him)."


"I started learning to drive years ago, and gave up because I hated it so much. Over a decade later I decided to try again, and was lucky enough to have Lee as a driving instructor this time. He is patient and reassuring and made me feel much more relaxed this time round. He is a total professional, a brilliant teacher, and a very nice person to boot."


"Lee was an absolutely amazing instrusctor who made me feel comfortable from my first lesson right up to my test, which, with massive thanks to him, I passed first time.
He was patient, knowledgeable and really encouraging, and as a teacher myself, I have learnt more than just how to drive from him.
He is a genuinely nice guy and I will miss our chats, cheers Lee!"


"Terrified at the prospect of learning to drive Lee was extremely patient and understanding, reassuring me all the way helping me become a confident driver. I started learning late March and passed first time July the same year with only 2 minors – something I had never imagined possible. Having already taught my sister and girlfriend (who also passed first time!) Lee came very highly recommended and I am so glad I decided to learn with him. I have also recently finished Pass Plus with Lee which has given me another huge boost of confidence in driving."


"I found driving with lee gave me the confidance and skills I needed to take and pass my test easily. He is supportive and thorough every step of the way, and you can rely on encouragement and honesty. Lee enabled this nervous driver to believe and trust in themself which improved my driving and prepared me to confidently go for it!"
His aim was to get me to pass standard as soon as possible and save me time and money which is exactly what he did. but also to make me a confident and safe driver. definatly above and beyond. thanks lee."

Donna new driver 37 worthing west sussex.


“One of the things I found really professional about Lee was that if there was any part of driving I didn’t feel confident about, such as manoeuvres or roundabouts, he would make sure that I had lots of practice before a test so that I was much more confident in these areas. He works at a pace thats right for you, as well as pushing you to do better and make the most of every lesson.”


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